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Uriah Heep had always a big influence to me. Well, you have to know, I´m a musician, too. Musically I grew up with the Uriah Heep 80´s era. My first Heep album was “ABOMINOG” from 1982 with that awesome monster album sleve! Since that moment I was blown away and totally in love with their music. Well, I experienced the old stuff, too, but the 80´s were definatelly one of the most experimental era of Heep with a musically range from Rock to Pop....!
Today Heep is a “back to the roots” live ROCK-MONSTER, kickin´ass again with phenomenal live and sold out shows around the world. Todays Heep-Live-Setlist does not include a lot of these 80´s material. That´s why I decided to open this little 80´s Heep-Era-Tribute I hope you will enjoy it!
Russel Gilbrook showing his ANIMAL!